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Law as Weapon: Lawsuits to punish custom collections in Rhode Island and Massachusetts (continuation).

In Rhode Island and Connecticut, thanks to their charters and politics, vice admiralty court proceedings were stayed by Whig judges of the common pleas court. The local courts assumed the same jurisdiction that England vested with King=s Bench courts. This was a constitutional tradition made sacred to English lawyers by Lord Coke=s great struggle against admiralty at the beginning of the 17th Century.

In Rhode Island it became commonplace that a Whig local civil judge would side with a merchant against the enforcement of the Trade and Customs Acts and employ English Constitutional Law to prevent vice admiralty proceedings for the collection of import duties or the seizing of contraband or to libel carriers of illegal goods.

Our research to date indicates that the attack on the Gaspee was really an attempt to serve an arrest warrant on Dudingston and get him into a Rhode Island court for judgment of the legality of his actions. Our article on this subject has points which  lawyers find significant but which historians have generally overlooked. Read theory of the attack on the Gaspee being a legal proceeding!

Suggested  Books and Materials to Read

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