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for biographical information on the Americans in the boats attacking the Royal Navy ship Gaspee.


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This is a history education and research web site of the
Joseph Bucklin Society.

References in brackets [  ] or in curly brackets {  } on any page in this website are to books, or other materials, listed in the Joseph Bucklin Society Gaspee Bibliography, or to materials held by the Joseph Bucklin Society.

The Gaspee Scholars is an informal group of scholars devoted to researching, analyzing, and reporting information about the attack on the English armed schooner Gaspee.

The informal working group known as the Gaspee Scholars was initially formed in 1999 by John Concannon of the Gaspee Virtual Archives. Concannon focused on (1) finding the maximum amount of all information about the Gaspee attack and its participants,  and (2) preserving the information in electronic format.  Concannon suggested that Leonard Bucklin of the Joseph Bucklin Society focus on (1) biographical information regarding the persons involved in the attack, and (2) critical analysis of the facts and events surrounding the attack.  In 2006 Bucklin's work regarding the Gaspee attack had grown so large in volume that it has been split off the main Joseph Bucklin Society website and built anew into  this site.

Since the initial beginning founded by Concannon, other persons interested in serious historical research on the people and events of Providence and Rhode Island during the Revolutionary War period have joined the Gaspee Scholars from time to time to contribute research, time, ideas, and critical thinking.  Several of their contributions have been incorporated into the information now found at this site (Gaspee.Info) and at the Gaspee Virtual Archives. Some of the Gaspee Scholars have been academic scholars engaged in authoring research papers, articles, a book, or a degree thesis.

A number of persons have contributed to the biographical undertaking coordinated by the Joseph Bucklin Society. They have independently, or pursuant to suggestions from the Society, engaged in genealogical research regarding their own family members who were involved in the Gaspee attack in one way or another.  As appropriate, the fruits of their research have been added to the Joseph Bucklin Society database. That data base contains biographical or genealogical information regarding over 3000 individuals. In includes not only Bucklin family members, but also the men from Rhode Island who joined the raiding party attacking the Gaspee.

Two active persons in public discussions of Gaspee history are John Concannon, M.D, the Webmaster of the Gaspee Virtual Archives, and Leonard Bucklin, J.D., the  Executive Directory of the Joseph Bucklin Society.  You may contact them through those websites.

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