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for biographical information on the Americans in the boats attacking the Royal Navy ship Gaspee.


Books: American Colonial and Revolutionary War history or the people involved. We have suggestions for you.


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English Frigate at time of American Revolutions

Ships and boats involved in the Gaspee Affair.

Three centuries after the American Revolution, and with most Americans now far removed from the sea, Americans have an active curiosity regarding 18th century American and English ship types, and of the longboats and whaleboat used by the attackers. 

The ships and boats involved in the history of the Gaspee Affair were of various types common to the century and the English colonies.  An understanding of the design and size of the various ships and boats is an aid to properly understanding the reports and documents of the 18th century.

Therefore, we have devoted an entire subweb of this site to describing the ships and boats common to the English Royal Navy and the American colonies of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.  Read there to find out about frigates, first rate ships of the line, sloops, schooners, brigantines, longboats and whaleboats.Read 18th Century American and English Ship Types

Go there also to find more information about the English Royal Navy armed schooner Gaspee, about HMS Rose, and --- most importantly --- about the brigantine Providence.  The brigantine Providence was owned before the Revolution by Stephen Hopkins , then by Joseph Bucklin 4th, and then after the Revolution was owned by Joseph Brown. The court case involving its seizure places Joseph Bucklin 4th squarely in the list of merchants who were felt harassed by the English enforcement of the customs laws. Read 18th Century American and English Ship Types

What's the difference between a ship and a boat? a The definition of the U.S. Navy is common: a boat is "A small craft capable of being carried aboard a ship." NAVEDTRA 14325, United States Navy, p. AI-2. Furthermore, a ship must be "capable of extended independent operation." Id., p AI-11. Shipbuilders and sailors commonly say that a ship is built with the intention that it will be used to travel across an ocean, and a boat is anything else not intended to travel across the ocean.


Keywords of our separate subweb 18th Century American and English Ship Types are: frigate, Rose, brigantine, Providence,  schooner, Gaspee, sloop, whaleboat, longboat, whaleboat, American Navy, English Navy, naval history, and American Revolution.