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Robert Sutton's name as a Gaspee Raider comes from a reference in History of Providence County, Vol I & II Ed. by Richard M. Bayles; W.W. Preston & Co., NY. 1891 Biographical sketches, "Town of East Providence", Volume II

p. 174: Albert F. Sutton, son of Captain William and Elizabeth (Mathews) Sutton, was born in 1839 in Seekonk, now East Providence, and was educated at Seekonk academy and Scholfield's commercial school, Providence. He built his present house about 1873. He has followed the gardening business, and has also turned his attention considerably to real estate. He followed the sea about ten years. He married first Phebe, daughter of George Rice of North Providence. His present wife is Elizabeth, daughter of William L. Williams of Providence. His father was a sea captain. His grandfather, Robert Sutton, was one of the twelve men who, disguised as Indians, helped to burn the "Gaspee", as Gaspee Point. His grandmother on his mother's side was a Lawrence, of a family of Tories, located at Rehoboth, Mass. [Emphasis supplied.]

The Sutton oral family history and the facts are consistent with this 1891publication.  B. Charles Sutton, a descendant say that there was a family story is  that Robert was one of the 12 dressed as Indians is; and that Robert was a sea captain, who had ships in Bristol. Our research indicates that there were in fact 12 men in the one boat from Bristol (See deposition of Aaron Briggs.) In regard to testimony by participants or their families, only the oral family histories of people from Bristol speak of men dressed as Indians, whereas assuredly the Providence men were not so dressed.

So, working back to find the appropriate Robert Sutton we come to one Robert Sutton, Sr.,  who died 28 Apr 1753 in Rehoboth, MA. He married Jerusha Allenon 13 Sep 1737 in Rehoboth, MA.  See web pages at sutton.org/issue16.htm and max-muller.com/m-muller/aqwg12.htm.  Since he died before 1772, he was not the "Robert Sutton" in the Gaspee raiders.  It was his son Robert Sutton, Jr. The children of Robert Sutton and Jerusha Allen were:

  • Rebecca, b. 8 MAR 1737/38 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. Jeremiah Bly
  • Robert (the Gaspee Raider) born on 19 July 1741 in Rehoboth, MA. Robert Sutton was married in 1761 to a Rhoda Lloyd (1740-1827) who died in Providence. Robert died in Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A. on 15 November 1811, at age 70.   See www.max-muller.com/at01/at01_008.htm Ahnentafel Report .  Robert would have been 29 years old at the time of the Gaspee attack.

    Robert and Rhoda had at least two children (Rhoda SUTTON b: 14 Feb 1766 in Rehoboth, MA, and Captain William SUTTON ,  buried in Rehoboth, MA.

  • Sarah, b.1 JUL 1744 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. Miles SHOREY
  • Benjamin, b.  29 JAN 1746/47 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA
  • Jerusha, b. 6 JAN 1749/50 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. Charles GOFF
  • Hannah, b. 3 JUL 1751 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. Anthony JENCKES

I specifically mention the children of Robert and Rhoda, because of the fact that it shows that this Sutton family seems to have continued to have Rehoboth connections. Sutton, like Bucklin, was a common family in Rehoboth.  So many of the Gaspee raiders had Rehoboth connections that it seems likely that the family or social relationships had much to do with who went on the boats for the attack.

Side note on the Rehoboth Minute Company.

The Rehoboth Minute Men re-enactors march in the Gaspee Days parade each June in Pawtuxet, RI.

The Gaspee shooter Joseph Bucklin 5th's uncle, John Bucklin, was a captain of the Rehoboth Minute Company in 1774.  The Rehoboth Minute Company was the forerunner of the Revolutionary Town Militia. Originally chartered in 1774 by the town of Rehoboth as a town Militia unit, the unit was comprised of both ordinary Militia and Minutemen.   The Minutemen were men who volunteered to be ready to march "in a minute" after being summoned

Other than Captain John Bucklin's Minute Men company, a different company of the Rehoboth town Militia in 1775 was under command of Capt. John Perry and had as officers Lieut. John Paine, Ensign James Buklin [sic] and Sergeant Robert Sutton.  Sgt. Robert Sutton is probably the Gaspee Raider.

Read more about the Rehoboth Minute Company and the Bucklins in it.